Why Hire Me | Seattle Newborn Photographer

Why Hire Me | Seattle Newborn Photographer

Whether you are looking for professional newborn photos, maternity photos or family photos, it’s important to know what to look for as well as who. I have been a professional newborn photographer for over 15 years. I started my business back in Canada when my now 18 year old son was about 2 years old. When I moved to the Seattle area I found myself surrounded by so many talented Seattle newborn photographers. There are so many talented professionals around and to be amongst them is great. Being chosen as one of the top Seattle Newborn Photographers by the website Expertise two years in a row was a great surprise as well. This website is one of the few out there that ranks professional photographers solely based on their work, web presence, skill and experience. Photographers cannot pay or even request to be listed on that website like so many others.

When I first started out, I learned as much as I could hands on. I attended workshops and lots of photographer get togethers to gain as much experience and education as possible. I decided to focus mostly on newborns for many reasons. Mostly I chose newborns for the type of sessions they are. I am able to control most things with a newborn session. I have my studio space, props, hats, backgrounds etc. and I am able to do those sessions at set times of the day. Also, one obvious factor is hello?!! Newborns are amazing! It’s been a long time since I had my own newborn so cuddling and working with newborns week after week is great.Meeting new families with their newborns is so amazing and I am honored to be chosen to be part of that.

Now for reasons that you clicked on this link, here are some other important notes. I am fully vaccinated, I receive a flu shot every year and I am licensed and insured. I have invested years and years into newborn photography and am proud to be at the level I am at. I know that everyone has a style they like, or a price point they like but it’s important to weigh everything when choosing a newborn photographer.

My style is pretty simple. I keep the focus on the baby with some simple and timeless props and accessories to present that organic, vintage vibe. Using mostly neutral colored items and props with a pop of color thrown in makes my style what it is. If my style of photography and price point works for you that is great! If you prefer a different style of photography or my price point doesn’t work with your budget I completely understand. There are lots of amazing photographers in the Seattle area with a wide range of price points and styles. If I’m not the best match however, I know someone will be and I hope you find that match and have newborn photos that you will cherish forever.

Here at Carmen Miller Photography my sessions are all inclusive. The price you see for my newborn sessions is the exact amount you can expect to spend and receive all of the images. I do not participate in sales of images or set up an appointment for you to come and select images and products. I prefer to keep thing simple. We are all busy right? With my session you will receive approximately 25 – 40 images depending on the type of session, via download in high resolution, ready to print files that are yours to print as you wish.

Seattle Newborn Photographer Carmen Miller