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Yay! Baby arrived safely, and it’s time to have the session. This page will provide tips and suggestions to make the session go smoothly and hopefully take some stress out of these first few days with baby. First off, don’t panic. If you arrive to the session and forgot something, chances are I have it. The only thing I don’t have is what baby eats, so make sure that comes along if you are not breast feeding. My studio is in Millcreek so depending on the drive time, try to have baby fed before you leave if it’s a short drive, or we will feed baby once you arrive here. The key to sleepy content babies is a full stomach, warm surroundings and a calm and relaxed mom 🙂

If you are breastfeeding, I recommend having the session done around the 10 day mark and before 14 days. This gives a little more time for baby to have a schedule and for mom’s milk to come in.

If you are not using a pacifier with baby, please let me know. Sometimes just a quick little suck on one, or mom’s finger can be the final step to having baby fall asleep. I keep a few pacifiers here that are sterilized and with your permission, I may use one if you don’t bring one.

If it’s a boy, please consider the day of the session if you are having him circumcised, it’s best to have the session a few days after.

If the session is strictly newborn photos, then I suggest mom and dad wear comfortable clothes but dress in layers. It will be nice and toasty so you may find yourselves peeling layers off. If mom and dad and siblings are to be photographed, simple plain clothes are recommended.

Mom : A tan, cream or light gray tank top, a dark or tan color maxi skirt and a nude color bra work best. Please avoid white tops if possible.

Dad : A tan, cream or light gray t-shirt, dark jeans or khaki pants work best. If dad is comfortable taking his shirt off for some poses holding baby, I strongly encourage this as they make some of the most beautiful portraits!

Because of the nature of babies, there will be accidents. This is 100% expected! I keep things close by should an accident occur. Mom and dad may want to bring an extra shirt just incase 🙂

Siblings, same as above. Soft, comfortable clothes with no logos or busy patterns work best and provide uniformity.

If siblings are coming for the session, I recommend having a second adult tagging along if Dad can’t make it. There will be lots of down time and because I have a home studio, I ask that someone is available to watch them. Bring a couple activities and snacks 🙂 Weather permitting and if it works for the parents, there is a nice little playground about a 2 minute drive away where dad or the other adult may want to take the older child to play while we photograph baby. I might suggest doing the sibling and family shots first while the older child might be more willing and happy. Afterwards, they are free to run and play and we can focus on baby for the remainder of the session.

Tips for family sessions outdoors

It’s important to take time to have professional photos taken at least once a year to document your family as they grow and celebrate milestones. You have probably been thinking ” Now what, I have nothing to wear and I can’t possibly get us all to look good “. Forget you ever thought that. Sure it’s nice to go out and buy a new outfit or 5 for a large family, but often that is not possible. With a little time and a good eye, you can get a very good look for the whole family with what you probably already have in your closets.

Don’t go too matchy match.  When you all go out shopping or to dinner, you don’t all dress the same, so why would you all dress in the same outfit for photos? It just doesn’t make sense. Showing your style and personality is why you have professional photos done. Having similar styles is more important than matching tops to bottoms. I suggest having two or three base colors, these colors would be tops or bottoms. Using these two base colors in either piece sets the tone. Find an accent color, something usually brighter or almost opposite of the other two colors to tie everyone together. Girls and mom, consider scarves, hats, belts to bring the accent color in. Dad and boys, hats, belts, ties can bring the accent color in. Pay attention to footwear. White sneakers don’t look good in photos. Darker colors usually look best. Boots for the girls are great! A great way to add variety and provide a great looking gallery of images is to have some simple wardrobe changes. I won’t ask you to change outside, but having a few extra items to layer with really helps pull a look together. Adding a scarf or hat can change a look. Wearing a sweater in one shot, and then tying it around your waist in another is a whole new look. Think about little extra items you can accessorize with. The more layers, textures and color combos the better. Outdoor photos in the summer and fall really pop when the outfits are vivid and rich. A really fun and funky wardrobe packed with fun candid shots of your family interacting and having fun make the best portraits.

If you would like help choosing your outfits, I’m always happy to help! You can text me or email me photos of your choices and I will offer advise. It is less stress, and even the smallest detail can make a huge impact on the final product. Be brave! Be bold, be you!

I have a board on Pinterest to demonstrate some options for what to wear. Click here to see it