Seattle Photographer | February is Awesome

Seattle Photographer

I have some great things planned for February! It’s my birthday month, and the Seahawks are going to the Superbowl! I admit, until I moved to Seattle from Canada I don’t think I watched 10 minutes of football.

Once I moved here, the Seahawks went on a huge streak and now look at them! I like to think I had a part in their awesome streak, but no.. They just are awesome! Anyway, while we wait to see the game on February 1st, and I wait to celebrate my birthday on the 22nd,

I am coming up with some great deals and ideas for the month of February. Be sure to like my Facebook page and check back here to see what is coming up. Until then, GO SEAHAWKS!!

No post is good without some kind of photo, so here is my favorite Muppet, Kermit doing his best to cheer on the Seahawks!

Yes, I am a Kermit the Frog fan 🙂 I might have a few Kermit things around the house…

Seahawks Kermit Fan Seattle Photographer

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